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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionCondition#PriceNotes Location
1785 Bausch & Lomb 312690ER-ArmVery Good10 180.00 F*Scotia, NY
332 Karl Storz 483CLight Source, Fiber Optic, TwinVery Good1 350.00 Scotia, NY
1893 Leica 445945Inclinable Focusing Drive/E-ArmLike New9 F*Scotia, NY
62898 Nikon E-ArmE-Arm21 140.00 F*Scotia, NY
1899 Nikon UA1E-armVery Good7 140.00 Scotia, NY
1836 Olympus E-ArmE-ArmVery Good3 100.00 Scotia, NY
112800 Olympus SZ-STB1E-Arm4 140.00 F*Scotia, NY
2601 Reichert-Jung PhotostarCamera System, AutomaticVery Good1 850.00 F*Scotia, NY
112806 UNKNOWN 0.75X OBJECTIVE0.75x Main Objective2 115.00 Scotia, NY
1891 Wild 346910Tube Wedge with 15 deg InclineExcellent1 300.00 Scotia, NY
183905 Wild 404891Phototube Camera Port1 900.00 F*Scotia, NY
108903 Zeiss 47 56 39Axiomat Base3 F*Scotia, NY
108775 Zeiss 47 56 01-9900Axiomat Objective Module2 Scotia, NY
1925 Zeiss 47 56 01-9902Axiomat Objective Module1 Scotia, NY
108792 Zeiss 47 56 05Axiomat Objective Module S2 Scotia, NY
108907 Zeiss 47 56 19Axiomat Binocular Body4 F*Scotia, NY
108888 Zeiss 47 56 36Axiomat Stage Carriers 2 Scotia, NY
108901 Zeiss 47 56 49Axiomat Cable Duct1 Scotia, NY
108859 Zeiss 47 58 57Nose Piece For Axiomat Objective Module2 Scotia, NY
1926 Zeiss 475610Axiomat Observation ModuleVery Good3 Scotia, NY
1927 Zeiss 475620Axiomat Camera ModuleVery Good2 Scotia, NY
167282 Zeiss GLAREX (47 56 24 - 9901)Projection Screen1 F*Scotia, NY

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