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Item IDItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotes Location
4008 Chatillon DFGHS50Force Gauge, Digtial1 400.00 Scotia, NY
84080 Instron 2710-002Screw Action Grip1 250.00 Scotia, NY
83932 Instron A53-1Coefficient of Friction Fixture1 906.00 F*Scotia, NY
84782 Instron Bottle HolderBottle Cap Tester1 1,600.00 Scotia, NY
1930 MTS 63205B60Extensometers2 850.00 Scotia, NY
1042 MTS 66113B03Load Cell Protectors1 1,750.00 Scotia, NY
89145 PCB J353B01Accelerometer1 275.00 Scotia, NY
154919 Sensotec 43/8740-0125 Lb Load Cell1 390.00 Scotia, NY
154920 Sensotec 43/8780-05100 Lb load cell1 455.00 Scotia, NY
154913 Sensotec SC2000Digital Transducer Readout1 1,150.00 Scotia, NY
154912 Sensotec Transducer10 Lb Transducer1 325.00 Scotia, NY
9185 Shimpo Instruments FGS-50PXLBench Top Tensile Test Stand1 2,450.00 Scotia, NY
12552 Shimpo Instruments FGS-50PXLBench Top Tensile Test Stand1 2,200.00 F*Scotia, NY

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Tensile & Compression:
Chatillon, Instron, MTS, PCB, Sensotec, Shimpo Instruments