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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionCondition#PriceNotes Location
116576 Digirad Corp C-980Optical Chopper2 200.00 Scotia, NY
90653 Hewlett Packard 10701A Adjustable base for Model 10701A Beam Splitter1 140.00 Scotia, NY
90651 Hewlett Packard 10701A50% Beam Splitter2 305.00 Scotia, NY
90652 Hewlett Packard 10711AAdjustable base for Model 10706A Interferometer2 155.00 Scotia, NY
136572 Hoffman TSP-410Night Sky Meter1 3,500.00 Scotia, NY
80671 Meadowlark B1020Liquid Crystal Controller1 400.00 Scotia, NY
76808 Melles Griot 06DLD203Diode Laser Driver2 1,450.00 Scotia, NY
22228 Newport 1835-CMulti Function Optical MeterExcellent1 1,700.00 F*Scotia, New York
48074 Newport 9016High Density Laser Diode ControllerVery Good8 Scotia, New York
321 Oriel 68830Constant Current Power SupplyVery Good2 Scotia, New York
8168 PK Technology FK IIFiber Optic CleaverExcellent2 1,495.00 Scotia, NY
102628 Rifocs Corporation 558BHigh Intensity Optical Power Meter5 375.00 Scotia, New York
105019 Schott Ground Blanks19 Scotia, NY
2971 Tamarack Scientific 2032Arc Lamp Power SupplyVery Good2 1,450.00 Scotia, NY
154925 UTD S370Single-Channel Optometer/265 Sensor5 1,290.00 Scotia, NY

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Optical / Photonic Equipment:
Digirad Corp, Hewlett Packard, Hoffman, Meadowlark, Melles Griot, Newport, Oriel, PK Technology, Rifocs Corporation, Schott, Tamarack Scientific, UTD