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Recirculating Chillers

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Item IDItem DescriptionMin TempCooling SystemMax FlowHeat/Cool Cntrl#PriceNotes Location
MakeModelExternal CoolngPump type/ModelCoolng CapacityControl Type
»ºF  »ºK  ºC»BTU/hr  W»l/m  GPM$
136018 Advanced Thermal Sci MP 20N-GL-60Frcd Air Cooled1,000Programmable1 18,500.00 Scotia, NY
123198 Affinity CAA003J-custom5Frcd Air CooledPD-21,0004Programmable1 1,600.00 Scotia, New York
98815 Affinity CWA-200L-MP15CBDWater Cooled65,000Programmable2 Scotia, New York
110361 Affinity FWA-032K-DD19CBD44Water CooledTurbine 1.5-hp13,0006Digital Setpnt1 7,250.00 Scotia, New York
125068 Affinity FWA-060K-BE41CBD45Water CooledTurbine TU-120,0003Programmable4 9,050.00 F*Scotia, New York
55398 Affinity FWA-060L-BE13BD45Water CooledTurbine 2-HP22,870Programmable1 7,025.00 Scotia, New York
121062 Affinity PAA-003T CHILLER4Air CooledPD-21,0004Programmable11 F*Scotia, New York
72753 Affinity PWD-020K-CE70CBD4Water CooledS/S8,0006Digital Setpnt1 Scotia, New York
158892 Affinity PWG-060K-BE44CBD2-40Water CooledTurbine2,0004Programmable1 Scotia, New York
191776 Affinity RWA-012T-BE07CBD45Water CooledTurbine5,0004Digital Setpnt1 N*Scotia, New York
187252 Affinity RWA012J-EE07CBD5Water CooledPositive Displacement / PD-25,0004Digital Setpnt1 Scotia, New York
111771 Applied Thermal Cont KT-1 Range4Frcd Air CooledPD-2 Stainless steel1,0004Digital Setpnt3 1,850.00 Scotia, New York
83159 ArctiChill PACRPV0200S47Frcd Air Cooled5-hp Centrifugal64,59290Digital Setpnt1 14,500.00 Scotia, New York
136017 Bay Voltex HT-3500-WC-SX-SS-RC-10Water CooledStainless steel turbine, MTH-T-311,0003Digital Setpnt1 2,500.00 F*Scotia, New York
27939 Bay Voltex HT 6800Water Cooled1 Plano, TX
73648 Cole Parmer Polystat G-01238-100Frcd Air CooledPD 2 5754Analog Setpoint1 1,650.00 Scotia, New York
45990 Coolwell Inc SE-082W5Water CooledPD-22,6884Digital Setpnt1 3,500.00 Scotia, New York
90008 Edwards Engineering CF-150A5Frcd Air Cooled5,278Analog Setpoint1 2,650.00 Scotia, New York
77134 Flow Cool Systems H00715Frcd Air CooledMD-309092Digital Setpnt1 Scotia, New York
113559 Freeze Co. FCAC-00015Frcd Air CooledCentrifugal3,5182Digital Setpnt1 3,500.00 Scotia, New York
110533 GC Industries Inc. Ice Wagon DH40ACLT-34Frcd Air Cooled1/2-hp Centrifugal8,95940Digital Setpnt1 18,400.00 Scotia, New York
87894 Haskris R050E5Water CooledPD-11,84711 2,100.00 Scotia, New York
191376 Huber Unistat 380-80Air CooledProgrammable1 N*Plano, Texas
139995 Lauda-Brinkmann WK5000Air Cooled1,2958Digital Setpnt1 Scotia, New York
187928 Lytron RC045J03DD3M2055Frcd Air CooledCentrifugal DD 1/2-HP5,9317Programmable2 3,500.00 Scotia, New York
173535 Lytron RCO11J03DD3M1685Frcd Air CooledCentrifugal DD 1/2-HP1,7007Digital Setpnt1 Scotia, New York
97535 M&W Systems RPCX -12--A-B5Frcd Air CooledPD-11,1442Analog Setpoint1 2,100.00 Scotia, New York
97168 M&W Systems RPCX-17A-VER5Frcd Air CooledPD-11,1142Analog Setpoint1 2,300.00 F*Scotia, New York
133225 M&W Systems RPCX-35-W-FA-3PH-RC5Water CooledPD-2 Stainless Steel3,5004Digital Setpnt1 2,800.00 Scotia, NY
189158 M.T.A. S.p.A. TAE EVO 121-5Air CooledCentrifugal, Stainless Steel (water side)41,86966Digital Setpnt1 F*N*Scotia, New York
189181 M.T.A. S.p.A. TAE EVO 121-SS-5Air CooledCentrifugal, Stainless Steel (water side)41,86966Digital Setpnt1 F*N*Scotia, New York
188968 Modutek RCe 025-1500Air CooledMagnetic62152 F*N*Scotia, NY
163878 Modutek RCe 025-2500-2Air CooledMagnetic6212 2,300.00 Scotia, New York
56356 Mydax 2H14A-SS5Frcd Air CooledPD-2 Stainless steel4,1002Programmable1 4,950.00 Scotia, New York
77125 Neslab CFT-255Frcd Air CooledMD-305805Digital Setpnt1 Scotia, New York
130227 Neslab CFT-255Frcd Air CooledMD-305805Analog Setpoint1 Scotia, NY
76996 Neslab CFT-335Frcd Air CooledMD-50 Special9503Programmable1 Scotia, New York
122679 Neslab CFT-33M5Frcd Air CooledPD-29504Analog Setpoint1 1,400.00 Scotia, NY
30132 Neslab CFT-755Air CooledPD-1Analog Setpoint1 Plano, TX
47835 Neslab ESC-150-20Water Cooled40001 F*Plano, TX
4991 Neslab HX-1505Water CooledAnalog Setpoint1 F*Plano, TX
4992 Neslab HX-1505Water CooledAnalog Setpoint1 Plano, TX
111102 Neslab HX-1505Air CooledPD-24,5004Analog Setpoint1 Plano, TX
143492 Neslab HX-1505Air CooledLeeson 101650.004,700Digital Setpnt1 Plano, TX
187198 Neslab HX-1505Water CooledTU-14,5003Digital Setpnt1 Scotia, NY
179408 Neslab HX-150-16Frcd Air CooledPD-24,1634Digital Setpnt1 Scotia, NY
179409 Neslab HX-150-16Frcd Air CooledPD 2 4,1634Digital Setpnt1 Scotia, NY
52753 Neslab HX-2005Water Cooled1 Plano, TX
52754 Neslab HX-3005Water CooledCP-55Analog Setpoint1 Plano, TX
189877 Neslab HX-500Air Cooled1 N*Plano, Texas
134341 Neslab HX-5005Air CooledPD-2Digital Setpnt1 Plano, TX
150610 Neslab HX-755Air CooledPD-12,0003Analog Setpoint1 F*Plano, TX
111103 Neslab HX-755Water CooledPD-22,0003Digital Setpnt1 Plano, TX
69145 Neslab HX-75 115-volt5Frcd Air CooledPD-22,0004Digital Setpnt1 2,550.00 Scotia, New York
40061 Neslab HX-75 High Temperature5Water CooledTU-12,0003Digital Setpnt4 Scotia, New York
163633 Neslab HX-750Air Cooled1 Plano, TX
187022 Neslab HX-750 High Temperature-15Water CooledCP-7524,00016Programmable1 Scotia, New York
90155 Neslab HX-900WC5Water CooledTU-938,00023Digital Setpnt1 Scotia, NY
193243 Neslab KMC 100Air Cooled1 N*Plano, Texas
101194 Neslab M-33 50/60 Hz5Frcd Air CooledPD-21,2504Digital Setpnt1 Scotia, New York
103209 Neslab M255Frcd Air CooledPD-15801Digital Setpnt1 Scotia, New York
179415 Neslab M255Frcd Air CooledMD-305805Programmable1 Scotia, NY
179410 Neslab M335Frcd Air CooledPD-21,2504Programmable1 Scotia, New York
82407 Neslab M33 5Frcd Air CooledPD-1-@ 1-gpm or PD-2 @4-gpm1,250Digital Setpnt4 Scotia, New York
76813 Neslab M335Frcd Air CooledMD-301,2505Digital Setpnt2 Scotia, New York
184444 Neslab Merlin 75Air Cooled1 Plano, TX
56589 Neslab RS-22 350.00 Scotia, New York
47298 Neslab SYSTEM 5000Water CooledSpecial Immersion pump150,00060Programmable1 8,600.00 Scotia, New York
176562 Opti Temp Inc. OTC-.5A8Air CooledPositive Displacement / P2 Stainless Steel1,3404Programmable1 Scotia, New York
176931 Opti Temp Inc. OTC-.5A8Frcd Air CooledPositive Displacement / P2 Stainless Steel1,3404Programmable1 Scotia, New York
77133 PolyScience 6205-10Frcd Air CooledMD-301,2005Digital Setpnt5 2,500.00 Scotia, New York
133352 PolyScience 6305P-5Air Cooled PD-11,1002Digital Setpnt1 2,500.00 Scotia, New York
126467 Remcor CH-751-A4Frcd Air CooledMD-301,2505Digital Setpnt1 1,950.00 F*Scotia, New York
186361 Tek-Temp TKD-1505Frcd Air CooledTurbine TU-3 2-HP4,3986Digital Setpnt1 Scotia, NY
185434 Temptek Inc. CF-.5AAir CooledPositive Displacement1,7501Digital Setpnt1 2,150.00 F*Scotia, NY
159265 Thermo Scientific ThermoFlex 100005Frcd Air CooledCP-7510,00016Programmable2 Scotia, New York
184443 Thermo/Neslab KMC-100 Recirculating Chiller1 Plano, TX

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Recirculating Chillers:
Advanced Thermal Sciences, Affinity, Applied Thermal Cont, ArctiChill, Bay Voltex, Cole Parmer, Coolwell Inc, Edwards Engineering, Flowcool Systems Limited, Freeze Co., GC Industries Inc., Haskris, Huber, LAUDA-Brinkmann, Lytron, M&W Systems, M.T.A. S.p.A., Modutek, Mydax, Neslab, Opti Temp Inc., PolyScience, Remcor, Tek-Temp, Temptek Inc., Thermo Scientific