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Positioning Controllers

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Item IDItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotes Location
94820 Advanced Motion Cont DR101EE30A40NACBBrushless Servo Amplifier1 500.00 Scotia, NY
6779 Aerotech 4005Stepping Motor Translator4 350.00 Scotia, NY
39991 Aerotech AS32020Brushless Servo Amplifier1 400.00 Scotia, NY
5449 Aerotech UNIDEX 100Positioning Drive8 1,300.00 F*Scotia, NY
583 Aerotech UNIDEX 11Programmable Multi-axis Controller1 1,950.00 Scotia, NY
66135 Aerotech UNIDEX 12Three Axis Stepping Motor Controller1 2,100.00 F*Scotia, NY
2101 Aerotech UNIDEX 14One Step Motor Drive1 1,200.00 Scotia, NY
1769 Aerotech UNIDEX XIThree Axis Stepping Motor Controller1 3,000.00 Scotia, NY
43661 Anorad DLM2-5Servo Controller2 2,820.00 Scotia, NY
94802 Baldor DBSC105-GAACAC Servo Drive1 800.00 Scotia, NY
87125 Compumotor DB-DriveStepper Drive1 180.00 Scotia, NY
81786 Compumotor S57-83Stepper Drive/Indexer1 750.00 Scotia, NY
84781 Compumotor ZETA4Stepper Motor Drive 9 485.00 Scotia, NY
84780 Compumotor ZETA4-240Stepper Motor Drive4 485.00 Scotia, NY
43165 Compumotor ZETA57-102Stepper Motor Drive7 760.00 Scotia, NY
63338 Electro-Craft BDC-25LBrush-less Amplifier3 790.00 Scotia, NY
63337 Electro-Craft BSA-30Servo Amplifier3 1,255.00 Scotia, NY
84686 Giddings & Lewis DSM100Servo Amplifier2 1,500.00 Scotia, NY
39847 Infranor SMTBD1-220/30-TBS-DPServo Controller7 1,650.00 Scotia, NY
81173 miCos SMC BASIC2 Axis Positioning Controller1 1,250.00 F*Scotia, NY
63196 Modicon M100DCyberline Digital Servo Drive4 Scotia, New York
428 Newport 855CProgrammable Motion Control System1 F*Scotia, NY
46789 Newport 860SccPositioning Controller7 350.00 Scotia, NY
5442 Newport MM3000-44 Axis Stepper Motion Controller 11 Scotia, NY
4781 Newport PMC100Single Axis Control1 600.00 Scotia, NY
192255 Newport XPS-Q44 Axis Universal Motion Controller/Driver1 4,950.00 N*Scotia, New York
95921 Oriental Motor UDK5114N-MStepper motor control1 450.00 Scotia, NY
86460 Physik Instrumente E-463High Voltage Piezoelectric Translator4 1,995.00 Scotia, NY
91743 Physik Instrumente E-501.00Modular Piezo Control Systems 1 2,200.00 Scotia, NY
136569 Physik Instrumente P-864.003 Axis Peizo Electric Controller/Driver1 1,725.00 Scotia, NY

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Positioning Controllers:
Advanced Motion Controls, Aerotech, Anorad, Baldor, Compumotor, Electro-Craft, Giddings & Lewis, Infranor, miCos GmbH, Modicon, Newport, Oriental Motor, Physik Instrumente