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  • Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionOutput WattageCass to Cass#PriceNotes Location
    136667 Advanced Laser Diode EIG 1000APicosecond Injection Laser (PiLas)1 Scotia, NY
    190336 Arroyo Instruments TECMount 264 and TECSource 5300High Power Mount and Temperature Contoller1 1,500.00 N*Scotia, New York
    190335 Arroyo Instruments TECMount 284 and TECSource 5300High Power Mount and Temperature Contoller4 1,500.00 N*Scotia, New York
    38826 Burleigh SA plus-800-14Laser Spectral Analyzer1 2,950.00 F*Scotia, NY
    100345 Coherent Innova 100Argon Ion Laser181 F*Scotia, New York
    111732 Coherent Innova 90Argon Ion Laser61 F*Scotia, New York
    112814 Coherent Innova 90-AArgon Ion Laser51 F*Scotia, New York
    111736 Coherent Innova FReD 300Argon Ion Laser1 Scotia, New York
    906 Con Optics M311ALight Modulation System1 3,750.00 Scotia, NY
    3747 Hinds Inst PEM90Photoelastic Modulator II/ZS371 F*Scotia, New York
    807 Melles Griot 05LGR171GreNe Laser1 Scotia, New York
    136550 Molectron Inc EPM2000Dual Channel Joule/Power Meter1 Scotia, New York
    117829 Spectra Gases 3 Bottle Gas Cabinets6 Sterling, MA
    100398 Spectra-Physics 165-03Argon Ion Laser51 Scotia, NY
    111378 Spectra-Physics 2080-KVKrypton Ion Laser21 Scotia, NY

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Lasers & Related Equipment:
    Advanced Laser Diode, Arroyo Instruments , Burleigh, Coherent, Con Optics, Hinds Inst, Melles Griot, Molectron Inc, Spectra Gases, Spectra-Physics