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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionInterface#PriceNotes Location
141176 Active Technologies RIFLE Memory Tester1 Regensburg, BY
141177 Active Technologies RIFLE Memory Tester1 Regensburg, BY
74228 Agilent 34902A16 Channel Multiplexer1 330.00 Scotia, NY
167297 Automated Precision T3-40Laser Tracker, 40m 900MHzEthernet1 Scotia, NY
5016 Avtech AVXMRB6Impedance Matching Pulse Transformer1 520.00 Scotia, NY
159281 Brookfield DV-II+Viscometer1 Plano, TX
133832 Dickson THDX8" Temperature and Humidity Chart Recorder1 Plano, TX
192502 ECI Technology QL-10EZyclic Voltammetric Stripping tool 1 N*Sunnyvale, California
2624 EG&G 5206Analyzer, Two Phase Lock-inIEEE-488-GPIB1 1,450.00 Scotia, NY
185722 Fluke 1625Advanced GEO Earth Ground Tester1 1,650.00 Scotia, NY
42386 General Radio 1531AElectronic Stroboscope 1 1,900.00 Scotia, NY
42379 General Radio 1538-AElectronic Stroboscope1 2,400.00 Scotia, NY
825 GPIB (IEEE 488) CABLESCables, GPIB30 Scotia, NY
43065 Group3 DTM-141PSDigital TeslameterRS 232C3 1,825.00 Scotia, NY
52839 Hewlett Packard 4142BSource Monitor, DC, Modular IEEE-488-GPIB1 9,750.00 Scotia, NY
2631 Keithley 7025-300Cables, Triaxial1 55.00 Scotia, NY
2332 Keithley 705ScannerIEEE-488-GPIB1 425.00 Scotia, NY
721 Keithley 7052Card, Matrix, 4x51 350.00 Scotia, NY
62773 Keithley Instruments 7152Low Current Matrix Card For 7001 and 7002 Mainfram1 995.00 Scotia, NY
185617 Ohm-Labs CS-100Precision Shunt - 100 mV 2 2,375.00 Scotia, NY
190550 Ohm-Labs CS-200Precision Shunt - 200 mV 2 2,375.00 N*Scotia, New York
51983 Omega 6401-1KStrip Chart Recorder1 Plano, TX
176798 Phenix Technologies 6CCE 30-7.5AC Dielectric Test SetRS 2321 F*Scotia, NY
40151 Polytec OFV 3001 SF6Vibrometer ControllerIEEE-488-GPIB1 Scotia, NY
40152 Polytec PSV-Z-040FJunction Box1 Scotia, NY
163945 RGB Spectrum VideoLink 1650Scan Converter1 Plano, TX
141175 RIFLE Memory Tester1 Regensburg, BY
147352 Sensor Resistance Test BoxSensor Resistance Test Box1 Plano, TX
147350 Unit Instruments 000-950-0017 URS Tester2 Plano, TX
147351 Unit Instruments 002-00021 Cable Tester2 Plano, TX
142371 United Detector Tech 61-Optometer1 Plano, TX
163948 Velmex 8314Stepping Motor Controller/Drivers1 Plano, TX
185591 Vitrek 964iHigh Voltage Hipot Switching SystemRS 2321 1,525.00 Scotia, NY
120902 VLSI 1.77 umStep Height Standard1 Plano, TX
58665 VLSI SHS-1.8QStep Height Standard1 Plano, TX
58663 VLSI SHS-1800Step Height Standard1 Plano, TX
58664 VLSI SHS-4.5Step Height Standard1 Plano, TX
58659 VLSI SHS-4.5Step Height Standard1 Plano, TX
58662 VLSI SHS-4500Step Height Standard1 Plano, TX
58669 VLSI SHS-4500Step Height Standard1 Plano, TX
120901 VLSI SHS-4500Step Height Standard1 Plano, TX
120900 VLSI SHS-80 QCStep Height Standard1 Plano, TX
132813 X-Rite 301Densitometer1 Plano, TX
132814 X-Rite 301Densitometer1 Plano, TX
132815 X-Rite 301Densitometer1 Plano, TX
163890 Xitron 2503AHHigh Performance Power Analysis System1 Scotia, NY

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Test & Measurement:
Active Technologies, Agilent Technologies, Automated Precision Inc, Avtech, Brookfield Engineering Labs, Dickson, ECI Technology, Edgerton Germeshausen & Greer, Fluke, General Radio, Group3, Hewlett Packard, Keithley Instruments, Ohm-Labs, Omega, Phenix Technologies, Polytec, RGB Spectrum, Unit Instruments, United Detector Technology, Velmex, Vitrek, VLSI, X-Rite, Xitron