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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionPower RequirementsConditionYr Made#PriceNotes Location
236092 belgigast GJS-500-7 VALVULA COMPUERTA GJS-500-7 DN125 PN16 BELGIGASTLike New 2 Tarragona, Catalonia
236093 BORJA GGG50VALVULA DE COMPUERTA BORJA GGG50 DN125 PN-16Very Good 1 Tarragona, Catalonia
236094 CALPEDA NMD 40/180C/ABOMBA CALPEDA NMD 40/180C/AVery Good 1 Tarragona, Catalonia
203151 Falmouth Falco 300Catalytic Oxidizer 3 PhaseExcellent2011 1 23,906.40 F* Kingsport, Tennessee
216976 Glaston Glass Tempering lines
Glaston Glass Tempering lines:

2 each Used/Surplus Glaston Glass Tempering lines:


Model 3317:  60 Ft. long x 60” wide system, complete with Quench section and infeed conveyor.

The system will accept glass 1/2 “ (12.0mm) thick  by 120” long and runs continuously.

Maximum line speed is 300 Inches per minute on 2.7mm thick glass at a rate of 7500 Square Feet per hour.

Power consumption is 2400 KW/hr.   Price: $200,000.00-this does not include removal cost.


Model 2775: 120 Ft. long x 60” wide system, complete with Quench section and infeed conveyor.

The system will accept glass of similar size and meets performance standards of ANSI Z97.1-1990 per 16CFR 1201.

The operator rooms, Control systems and field devices (sensors and heating controls) are in place.

The maximum line speed on the 120 Ft. line is 580 Inches per Minute on the thinner glass.

These require 480VAC, 3 phase supply. Price: $200,000.00-this does not include removal cost.


Both units can be inspected onsite by appointment only in Kingsport, Tennessee

Both systems are without Quench and Cooling Blowers, but have ductwork intact that will connect to the quench and cooling systems.

All specs are from the Manuals provided by the manufacturer.  Both lines are being sold “as is”, “where is”.


1 lot 350,093.79 F* Kingsport, Tennessee
236077 Prominent BPV-UDN10 PVTPRESSURE SAFETY VALVE BPV-UDN10 PVT 0.5-10 bar ...New-Never Used 2 Tarragona, Catalonia
236075 Prominent BPV-UDN25 PPEPRESSURE SAFETY VALVE BPV-UDN25 PPE 1-10 bar Pr...New-Never Used 5 Tarragona, Catalonia
236076 Prominent BPV-UDN25 PVTPRESSURE SAFETY VALVE BPV-UDN25 PVT 0.5-10 bar ...New-Never Used 2 Tarragona, Catalonia
236074 Prominent DHV-S-DL-D6-12-PPHPRESSURE SAFETY VALVE DHV-S-DL-D6-12-PPH 1-10 barNew-Never Used 7 Tarragona, Catalonia
208431 Rosenthal PVB Cut-Blanks Equipment LineVery Good 1 460,123.27 F* Jalostotitlán, Jalisco
236078 Stübbe DHV-712-R PRESSURE SAFETY VALVE DHV-712-R 0.3-10 bar STUBBENew-Never Used 2 Tarragona, Catalonia
236079 VALVULA DE ALIVIO DN25 x DN40VALVULA DE ALIVIO DN25 x DN40New-Never Used 1 Tarragona, Catalonia

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