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Turbo Pump Controllers

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Item IDItem DescriptionFrequencyMax Output VInterface Type#PriceNotes Location
724 Alcatel CFF450 1 800.21 F* Scotia, NY
2460 Balzers TCP040 1 Scotia, New York
4481 Balzers TCP120 1 Scotia, NY
43505 Ebara 305W 4 3,751.00 Scotia, New York
186826 Edwards B75030220 6 1,150.31 F* Scotia, New York
172817 Edwards SCU-1500 2 F* Scotia, New York
48152 Leybold Magdrive 2000 2 Scotia, New York
2487 Leybold NT1000/1500VH60042 2 F* Scotia, New York
124442 Leybold TD20 1 F* Scotia, New York
140322 Osaka Vacuum TC1100 1 F* Scotia, NY
196923 Pfeiffer Vacuum MAGPOWER 1 F* Scotia, New York
465 Seiko-Seiki SCU- H1000C 2 Scotia, New York
678 Seiko-Seiki SCU-600 2 Scotia, NY
466 Seiko-Seiki SCU-600C 1 Scotia, New York
189746 Seiko-Seiki SCU-H1000C 2 F* Scotia, New York
679 Seiko-Seiki SCU1000C0797 1 Scotia, New York
125563 Varian V 150HTRS232 1 F* Scotia, New York
125564 Varian V 150HT 1 F* Scotia, NY
125070 Varian V 2000HT 1 F* Scotia, NY
136507 Varian V-300 1 F* Scotia, New York
169681 Varian V1000 HT 7 F* Scotia, New York
1259 Varian V180045090 3 2,500.67 F* Scotia, NY
4260 Varian V80 1 Scotia, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Turbo Pump Controllers:
Alcatel, Balzers, Ebara, Edwards, Leybold, Osaka Vacuum Ltd., Pfeiffer Vacuum, Seiko-Seiki, Varian