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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionCondition#PriceNotes Location
90651 Hewlett Packard 10701A50% Beam Splitter 2 305.00 Scotia, New York
90653 Hewlett Packard 10701A Adjustable base for Model 10701A Beam Splitter 1 140.00 Scotia, New York
90652 Hewlett Packard 10711AAdjustable base for Model 10706A Interferometer 2 155.00 Scotia, New York
136572 Hoffman TSP-410Night Sky Meter 1 3,400.00 Scotia, New York
80671 Meadowlark B1020Liquid Crystal Controller 1 390.00 Scotia, New York
76808 Melles Griot 06DLD203Diode Laser Driver 2 1,425.00 Scotia, New York
22228 Newport 1835-CMulti Function Optical MeterExcellent 1 1,500.00 Scotia, New York
48074 Newport 9016High Density Laser Diode ControllerVery Good 8 Scotia, New York
321 Oriel 68830Constant Current Power SupplyVery Good 2 Scotia, New York
8168 PK Technology FK IIFiber Optic CleaverExcellent 2 Scotia, New York
102628 Rifocs Corporation 558BHigh Intensity Optical Power Meter 5 375.00 Scotia, New York
105019 Schott Ground Blanks 15 Scotia, New York
2971 Tamarack Scientific 2032Arc Lamp Power SupplyVery Good 2 Scotia, New York
154925 UDT Instruments S370Single-Channel Optometer/265 Sensor 3 1,200.00 Scotia, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Optical / Photonic Equipment:
Hewlett Packard, Hoffman, Meadowlark, Melles Griot, Newport, Oriel, PK Technology, Rifocs Corporation, Schott, Tamarack Scientific, UDT Instruments