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Multiple Gauge Controllers

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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionGauge Types#PriceNotes Location
170464 Adixen ACS 2000Single-Channel Controller and Crystalion GaugePirani, Cold Cathode, Hot Cathode, Capacitive 1 1,500.40 F* Scotia, New York
172812 Edwards D39700000TIC Instrument Controller - 3 HeadPirani, convection, thermocouple, ion and more 2 710.19 F* Scotia, New York
203906 Granville Phil 307001Dual Ion/Two Convectron Gauge ControllerIon (Bayard Alpert); Convectron 1 Scotia, New York
235178 Granville Phil 307060Granville Philips Dual Thermocouple BoardThermocouple 2 650.17 Scotia, New York
179528 Granville Phil 307109Dual Ion/Five Thermocouple Gauge Controller/Pro...Ion; Thermocouple 1 1,999.54 Scotia, New York
1791 Granville Phil 307212 or 307001Dual Ion/Two Convectron Gauge ControllerIon (Bayard Alpert); Convectron 8 1,200.32 Scotia, New York
179529 Granville Phil 307212, 307213 or 307001Dual Ion/Two Convectron Gauge ControllerIon (Bayard Alpert); Convectron; Thermocouple 7 1,200.32 Scotia, New York
3515 Granville Phil 316001Convectron Gauge ControllerConvectron 11 875.23 F* Scotia, New York
179530 Granville Phil 316035 or 316046Convectron Gauge ControllerConvectron 4 F* Scotia, New York
240515 Granville Phil 340001340 Series Multiple Gauge ControllerIon; Convectron 1 950.25 Scotia, New York
209711 Granville Phil 360Dual Ion/Dual Convectron Controller/ Dual Therm...Ion; Convectron; Thermocouple 1 1,650.44 Scotia, New York
1802 Granville Phil 360Dual Ion/Single Convectron ControllerIon; Convectron 2 1,325.36 F* Scotia, New York
102739 Granville Phil 360Dual Ion/Dual Convectron ControllerIon; Convectron 7 1,450.39 F* Scotia, New York
122522 Granville Phil 360Single Ion Gauge Controller, can be upgraded to...Ion 3 1,210.32 F* Scotia, New York
124136 Granville Phil 360Single Ion/DualConvectron ControllerIon; Convectron 2 1,095.29 F* Scotia, New York
97045 Granville Phil 370Stabil-Ion Controller/ Process controlIon only 2 2,750.74 F* Scotia, New York
169774 Inficon CC3 / 850-300-G1Cold Cathode, Pirani Vacuum Gauge ControllerCold Cathode, Pirani 7 900.24 Scotia, NY
81277 MKS Instruments 146A-00000-1Multiple Gauge Controller base unit 1 300.08 Scotia, New York
184563 MKS Instruments PR4000 F21VNDigital Power Supply/ReadoutPressure Transducers & MFC 1 1,850.50 Scotia, New York
240585 MKS Instruments PR4000 S2V1NDigital Power Supply/ReadoutPressure Transducers & MFC 1 1,550.42 Scotia, New York
240048 MKS Instruments, Inc 307238Granville Philips Convectron gauge cable 25FTConvectron 275 2 185.05 Scotia, New York
3687 Varian 845Ion/Dual TC Gauge ControllerIon; Thermocouple 1 2,200.59 Scotia, New York
245163 Varian L64553010Bayard-Alpert Ion Gauge cable L64553010 10ftBayard Alpert, glass 3 220.06 Scotia, New York
164227 Varian L8350-301 or L8350-328Multi GaugeChoose the configuration when ordering 2 Scotia, New York
151039 Varian Sentorr BA2CControl Ion gauge, Dual ConvecTorr Ion, Dual ConvecTorr 1 F* Scotia, New York
222243 Varian Sentorr BA2CControl Ion gauge without degas option, Dual Co...Ion, Dual Convectorr 1 Scotia, New York
237232 Varian Sentorr CC2CControl Cold Cathode gauge, two Convectorr gaugesCold Cathode, Dual Convectorr 1 Scotia, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Multiple Gauge Controllers:
Adixen, Edwards, Granville Phillips, Inficon, MKS Instruments, Inc., Varian