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Item IDItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotes Location
97930 Porous Materials BET-201AELPCPMI Automated BET Sorptometer 1 Scotia, NY
97996 Porous Materials CFP-31CTE82-3X-L3PMI Capillary Flow Porometer 1 Scotia, NY
97993 Porous Materials GP-1100A-M-SPMI Automated Gas Permeameter 1 Scotia, NY
176515 Precision Scientific Dual Chamber Water Bath Model 188 1 Mount Holly, NJ
179140 Precision Water Bath Model 183 1 Mount Holly, NJ
195384 Prometrix RS50/eFour Point Probe Sheet Resistivity 1 F*N* East Fishkill, New York
178542 Protein Technologies Tribute Peptide Synthesizer 1 Wilmington, DE
48120 Quailmetrics 5021Hygrothermograph 1 300.00 F* Scotia, NY
177104 Rame Hart 100-00-115Contact Angle Goniometer 1 Scotia, NY
190133 Reference Sound Source RSS-101 Hemianechoic 1/12th Octave Calibration 1 F*N* Wilmington, Delaware
192368 Roto Finish Tumblers 2 N* Newark, Delaware
189679 Rudolph Research 200XLSpectral Ellipsometer 1 Singapore,
178648 Savant Speed Vac Concentrator 1 Mount Holly, NJ
178717 Scientek Technology Stacis 2100SCIENTECH CORPORATION Stacis 2100 300mm 1 Dresden, SN
192366 Small Roto Max Tumbler 1 N* Newark, Delaware
189879 Snyder SuperTainer Stainless Steel 304SS IBCs 1 N* Richmond, Virginia
192369 SO2 Sintering Oven 1 F*N* Newark, Delaware
1557 Stackpole N/ACrucibles, Graphite 30 Scotia, New York
1558 Stackpole N/ACrucibles, Molybdenum 30 Scotia, NY
180953 Systec VX-75 Autoclave 1 Wilmington, DE
168237 Tenny 1 Mount Holly, New Jersey
189190 Thermo Incubator 1 F* Wilmington, DE
136698 Thermolyne Rotomix M48215Shaker 1 175.00 Scotia, NY
180958 Titertek Multiskan BiChromatic 1 Wilmington, DE
179093 Unused Victor Gas Regulator model VTS4500-346 3 Memphis, TN
187287 used ColorportModel CP7001 spectrophotometer 1 Valdosta, GA
187288 used Fisher Isotemp10135 circulator 1 Valdosta, GA
165064 Used Fisher Scientific Bench Top Incubator Model 625D 1 Mount Holly, NJ
164377 Used Mettler Memo Totrator Model DL4GP 1 Mount Holly, NJ
187290 Used Thermolyne Cimarec 2 maganetic stirrer 1 Valdosta, GA
187289 used VWR Model 1150s recirculator 1 Valdosta, GA
190134 Vacuum/Pressure Cycling Cart 1 N* Wilmington, Delaware
3719 Walker Scientific HS13653AElectromagnet Power Supply 1 Scotia, New York
161822 Waters 1525 1 Mount Holly, New Jersey
161823 Waters 1525 1 Mount Holly, New Jersey
161751 Waters 1525 1 Mount Holly, New Jersey
161752 Waters 1525 1 Mount Holly, New Jersey
161753 Waters 1525 1 Mount Holly, New Jersey
161824 Waters 2777 1 Mount Holly, New Jersey
177100 Waters CapLC System 1 Mount Holly, NJ
176518 Weksler Instruments Jewett Temperture Chart Recorder 1 Mount Holly, NJ
192410 X Ray Tool COUGAR-VXP SeriesVersatile X-ray Platform 1 N* Livonia, Michigan
191621 X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer, XPS Tool 1 F*N* Wilmington, Delaware
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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Scientific and Laboratory Equipment:
Acton Research Corporation, Asymtek, Bacharach Inc, Beckman, Blue M, Boekel Scientific, brimrose, Brookfield Engineering Labs, Cavro Corporation, CEM, Clean Link, Daitron, Delta F Corporation, Dionex, Dwyer, FEI, Fisher Scientific, Foxboro, Fuji Paudal, GEMETEC, Gilson, Glen Mills, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Illinois Instruments, Interlab, Isles Airclean, Kaye Instruments Inc, Keithley, Kimble Glass Incorporated, KLA-Tencor, Lab-Line, LabGuard Corporation, Lake Shore Cryotronics, Laminaire, Leco, LEICA CAMBRIDGE LTD, Lesco, LINK ANALYTICAL LTD, Marvel, Metrohm, Metron, Mettler, NCB Network, Nova, Omega, Perkin Elmer, Pharmacia, Porous Materials, Prometrix, Quailmetrics, Rame Hart, Rudolph Research, Scientek Technology Corp, Stackpole, Tenny , Thermolyne, Walker Scientific , Waters