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Laboratory Equipment

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 Autoclaves / Sterilizers  in Laboratory Equipment  (3)

 Balances  in Laboratory Equipment  (6)

 Centrifuges  in Laboratory Equipment  (2)

 Chemical Fume Hoods  in Laboratory Equipment  (5)

 Cryogenic Dewars  in Laboratory Equipment  (12)

 Cryostats  in Laboratory Equipment  (2)

 Cut-Off Saws  in Sample Preparation  (4)

 Dry Boxes  in Laboratory Equipment  (32)

 FT-IR Spectrometers  in Spectrometers  (8)

 Glove Boxes  in Laboratory Equipment  (8)

 Hot Plates  in Laboratory Equipment  (2)

 Mass Spectrometers  in Spectrometers  (no items)

 Mixed Lots of Lab and Other Technical Equipment  in Laboratory Equipment  (no items)

 Mixers/Mills/Blenders  in Laboratory Equipment  (23)

 Mounting Press  in Sample Preparation  (1)

 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers  in Spectrometers  (no items)

 Platen Presses  in Laboratory Equipment  (3)

 Polishing & Grinding Sample Prep Equipment  in Sample Preparation  (9)

 Polishing Equipment - Other  in Sample Preparation  (no items)

 Sample Coaters  in Sample Preparation  (6)

 Sample Preparation - Other  in Sample Preparation  (7)

 Scientific and Laboratory Equipment - Other  in Laboratory Equipment  (102)

 Spectrometers - Other  in Spectrometers  (3)

 Thermal Analysis  in Laboratory Equipment  (9)

 Ultrasonic Baths  in Ultrasonics  (10)

 Ultrasonic Disintegrators  in Ultrasonics  (1)

 Ultrasonic Fetal Heart Detectors  in Ultrasonics  (no items)

 Ultrasonic Welders  in Ultrasonics  (no items)

 Ultrasonics Equipment - Other  in Ultrasonics  (no items)

 Viscometers  in Laboratory Equipment  (4)

 Xray Fluorescence Spectrometers  in Spectrometers  (8)

Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Laboratory Equipment:
Acton Research Corporation, Aerofeed, Ltd., Air Control Products, All American, ATM GmbH, BAL-TEC, Bio-Rad, Biorad, Blue M, Boekel Scientific, Branson, brimrose, Brookfield Engineering Labs, Buehler, Cameca, Carver, CEM, Chart Industries, Clean Link, Coborn, Contamination Control Inc, CR Technology, Cryofab, Cryogenic Services Inc., Datapaq, DCA, Delta F Corporation, Denton, Descon International, DMS, Draiswerke, Inc, FEI, Fisher Scientific, Fuji Paudal, Gatan, GEMETEC, Gilson, Glen Mills, Greco Brothers, Hart Scientific, Hastest, Hitachi, Illinois Instruments, Isles Airclean, K-Tron, Kaye Instruments Inc, Keithley, Kontes, Lab Crafters Inc, Lab-Line, Labconco, LabGuard Corporation, Lake Shore Cryotronics, Laminaire, LC Technology Solutions Inc., LEICA CAMBRIDGE LTD, Lesco, Linde, LINK ANALYTICAL LTD, Makino, MASS-PCB, MBRAUN, Metrohm, Metron, Mettler, NCB Network, Netzsch, Nicolet, NuAire Inc, Omega, Patterson-Kelley, Paul o Abbe, Perkin Elmer, Prometrix, Raytek, Retsch, Rigaku, RK Print Coat Instruments, Ross, Sartorius, Semilab, Solid State Measurement, Sopra, Spectronic Unicam, SPEX CertiPrep, Stackpole, Statebourne Cryogenics, STI Systems, Strasbaugh, Temptronics, Terra Universal Inc., Thermo Scientific, Thermolyne, Ultrasonic Power Corporation, Vacuum Atmospheres, Vacuum Barrier Co, Versatile Plastic, Walker Scientific , Yamato, Yasui Seiki Mirwec