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Dry Boxes

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Item IDItem DescriptionBox ConstructnChamber SizeCompartments#PriceNotes Location
»cm  in»cm  in»cm  in$
179208 Aerofeed, Ltd. 1 F*Plano, TX
99468 Air Control Inc. Plexiglss-Amber17.5015.508.2531 305.00 Scotia, NY
185468 Air Control Products 4321-2Acrylic17.5015.508.5021 Scotia, NY
186460 Boekel 1340SST11.5010.0012.0011 600.00 Scotia, NY
179209 Contamination Contrl 21.5013.3813.5010 Plano, TX
129750 Contamination Contrl NonePlexiglass8.6311.5010.0011 220.00 Scotia, NY
152746 Contamination Contrl NonePlexiglass17.5017.508.5024 450.00 Scotia, NY
191701 DCA UnknownSST32.7518.0014.5056 2,750.00 N*Scotia, New York
191766 Descon International UnknownPlexiglass17.5017.508.0032 N*Scotia, New York
191787 DESICCATOR DRY BOX SINGLE COMPARTMENTAcrylic8.7516.0010.2511 N*Scotia, New York
172750 DESICCATOR DRY BOX, AMBER, SINGLE COMPARTMENTPlexiglss-Amber11.5011.5011.2519 275.00 Scotia, New York
159900 DMS Desiccator Dry BoxPlexiglass23.0017.5011.2521 450.00 F*Scotia, NY
122857 DMS NonePlexiglass12.0012.0012.0021 450.00 Scotia, NY
152594 DRY BOX DESICCATOR Plexiglass15.5015.508.0022 450.00 Scotia, NY
129748 Laminaire NonePlexiglass11.5011.5011.5011 250.00 Scotia, NY
173234 Liberty Ind Inc NonePlexiglss-Amber12.0012.0012.0021 550.00 Scotia, NY
143067 Terra Universal Plexiglass26.0024.0035.5031 Plano, TX
150537 Terra Universal 36.0025.009.0041 Plano, TX
184907 Terra Universal 1679-06A-100591SST22.0020.5030.0011 Scotia, NY
169697 Terra Universal 1911-16CAcrylic16.3810.7517.5021 Scotia, NY
117043 Terra Universal 1944-023 65.00 Scotia, NY
190329 Terra Universal 3950-48AAcrylic22.0022.0011.5051 1,600.00 F*N*Scotia, New York
154149 Terra Universal 4014-00APlexiglass24.0014.0015.0081 7,025.00 Scotia, NY
127363 Terra Universal 714-526-01006 85.00 Scotia, NY
132276 Terra Universal 9302-01- Plano, TX
195006 Terra Universal Inc. 1911-18DAcrylic20.8823.5012.0021 950.00 N*Scotia, New York
191763 Terra Universal Inc. 4002-00Plexiglass24.0011.008.5032 450.00 N*Scotia, New York
56145 Versatile Plastic 13.5"x11.5"x12.5"13.5011.5012.502 Plano, TX

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Dry Boxes:
Aerofeed, Ltd., Air Control Inc., Air Control Products, Boekel Scientific, Contamination Control Inc, DCA, Descon International, DMS, Laminaire, Liberty Industries Inc, Terra Universal Inc., Versatile Plastic